We will guide you through the theory, operations manual and practical elements - everything you require to fly drones commercially in the UK. For new pilots, we offer one to one training that will lay the a proper foundation for further advanced aerial training.

We will train you from 'Zero to Hero' - no previous drone experience needed - we supply the drones, training and accommodation.

Online learning portal for pre-course revision.

Multiple instructor format - small class size for easier learning.

PfCO course designed by leading drone operators and aviation training professionals with decades of combined experience.

Longstaff Media offer varied training courses allowing students to gain unique flight skills across many industries.



Thermal pipe inspection.

Offshore boat/platform drone training.

Search and Rescue.

Facial and vehicle recognition software training.

Longstaff Media specialise in the training and supply of bespoke drone systems, we offer unique training to match the environment our pilots and machines operate.


Our 300 acre site purpose built for training and multiple scenario missions.

·      3 days of theory training.

·      Flight assessment (including insurance).

·      Operations manual support.

·      CAA PFCO application support.

Equipment advice from experienced operators.

Workshops available for thermal camera training.

Accommodation and drone hire available.

Now is a great time to get involved in the rapidly growing drone industry. The number of profitable opportunities for Drone operators has grown significantly and will continue to do so in the coming years. By 2025, the CAA predicts the drone industry will create 100,000 new jobs and have an estimated economic impact of £50.1 billion. Let us help you get your drone business off the ground. Our training packages are designed by drone experts, for drone entrepreneurs. Explore our offerings and start investing in your future today!

Drone Security & Surveillance training.

Longstaff Media experts in security training and have years of operational experience. Courses tailored to clients needs.

Civilan PfCO Pilot course.

Gain employment as a commercial drone pilot and apply for your PfCO. We are the only company offering dual - CAA and Level 3/4 diploma qualification recognised by ELCAS. Our 4 day theory and practical course is all you need to become a drone pilot.

Specialist environment drone training.

Longstaff Media train operators to use specialist drones in most environments. This could be out at sea landing and taking off from moving vessels to tracking moving objects from operation rooms and BVLOS beyond visual line of sight.

Specific use drone training.

Longstaff Media build and source drones for use across a variety of industries. These machines can be very complex with state of the art facial recognition and object tracking to thermal imaging and autonomous flight, without the correct training the potential of these machines can't be realised.

Military/Police drone training.

Longstaff Media supply drones and training for military and police use. Our comprehensive training programs help save lives and gather important evidence and intelligence. These programs are designed by security industry professionals.

Search and Rescue UAV drones.

We supply specialist UAV drones for use in the search and rescue field. These machines have the ability to fly 24/7 day and night, are highly portable with high performance thermal zoom capabilities. Longstaff Media training courses allow operators to practice live search and rescue missions within our 300acre site.

Drone flight training.

A full day of in-person drone pilot training with our expert flight instructor who provides a comprehensive understanding of your equipment through a combination of classroom and hands-on training.

Drone aerial security.

Having an eye-in-the-sky is an enormous advantage for security teams. Drones fixed with high-zoom and FLIR cameras can be rapidly deployed to provide instant aerial coverage of a secure perimeter. Our aerial security courses are designed to keep pilots safe, informed, and equipped to conduct thorough perimeter searches, night operations, and surveillance.

Search and Rescue - SAR drone training.

Drones allow public safety teams to move beyond ground vehicles and expensive helicopters in order to execute aerial search and rescue missions more efficiently. In this two-day search and rescue drone training course, our expert public safety instructors provide hands-on experience in aerial search and rescue missions, thermal imaging, and night operations. Learn to successfully fly SAR missions.

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