Specialists in UAV Security and Training

Supply of bespoke UAV drones for security & surveillance. Commercial drones have become a modern fast growing industry and with the correct training and support they are now a serious tool in security and surveillance.

Longstaff Media build & combine cutting edge technology from all corners of the globe and deliver bespoke UAV drones to cover all our clients needs.

Examples of Longstaff Media security/surveillance UAV Drone capabilities. 

  • Weather proof.
  • Obstacle avoidance.
  • Facial ID over 2km range.
  • Read License plates over 2km.
  • Thermal camera 19mm 640 radiometric 30hz.
  • Daylight x30 hd zoom.
  • Operational range minimum 7km.
  • Automatic flight plan and object tracking.
  • Multi-rotor drones with fixed wing endurance.
  • Camera – Infrared x12.2 zoom.
  • 10km encrypted HD video.
  • Flight times of 90mins fully loaded.
  • Drones can be transported in a backpack.

Mobile cable ground stations allow our drones to fly non-stop 24 hours a day in various environments where security is a priority: industrial sites with sensitive infrastructures, road networks, search and rescue operations, support after natural disasters, crowd gathering, etc.

24/7 cable system can be used with all our UAV drones.

Longstaff Media drones have the capability of flying max altitude (AMSL) of 5000mtr.

Longstaff Media prioritise – ease of use, low maintenance flying, tough, durable and weather sealed – (most basic drones will fail in hot, dusty environments). Our drones are designed to work in extreme conditions.


Reduce personnel and asset risk.

Longstaff Media drones can identify vehicles, faces and anomalies beyond the capability of conventional radar systems, pick up movement without having to use ground motion sensors, pick up any anomalies that have appeared or any unwanted visitors either by foot or vehicle whilst reading face and registration plates and send back live imagery to the operations staff.  

Teams need not be sent to possible dangerous situations - this can be done by drones.

The drones have the ability to follow the vehicle or person for further intelligence or follow-up.

Demonstrations can be dealt with by way of facial recognition of ring-leaders and vehicles that are associated with them and tear gas release to disperse any threatening or hostile groups without putting the lives of security workers or oil and gas personnel at risk.

We provide the oil and gas companies, police and security forces the freedom to manage their assets and to work unhindered without any interference from prospective threats - all without breaking the budget.

We will support you from start to finish. All our trainers are experienced ex-military professionals, carefully chosen to provide the best training experience possible. They understand the drone industry and are trained in all the latest equipment.

Purpose built 300 acre training facility, designed for UAV security scenario and thermal camera surveillance training.
Specialised drone systems

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