UAV Drone Wind Turbine Inspection

Longstaff Media Drone Inspection Services for Wind Turbines: 

In 2015, there were approximately 270,000 individual wind turbines operating globally. With more than 800,000 blades spinning.

Turbines battered by the elements over time gradually deteriorate.

Deterioration can cause a reduce in energy production and catastrophic and costly blade collapse if left unnoticed.


Longstaff Media drone Maintenance inspections on wind turbine generators (WTGs) can be carried out up to five times faster than traditional rope access methods, resulting in downtime required.




The safety risk to inspection personnel is also significantly reduced, if not eradicated thanks to the UAV’s ability to capture high-definition photos of hard-to-access areas.

With the use of modern drone technology wind turbine blade inspections, a role that has traditionally been accomplished via rope or platform access, can be achieved at least five times faster and vastly improving personnel safety.

A new approach using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, is becoming a cost, time saving and far safer option.

Commercial-grade UAVs piloted by professional operators can provide higher-resolution visual inspections than ground-based inspections. They also provide an inspection that is quicker, easier, less costly and safer than rope access techniques.

Longstaff Media Multi-rotor UAV drones with added stability in strong winds, extended battery life, and high definition cameras including thermal imaging are becoming a viable option.

Equally important is the time saving, health and safety issues that traditional methods suffer from, drone inspection speeds help mitigate the operator fatigue that can occur photographing, analyzing, and cataloging vast blade surfaces across fleets of wind turbines. 




Who benefits from a drone wind turbine inspection?

  • UAV drone inspection services companies
  • Wind turbine vendors and service providers
  • Wind turbine owners
  • Wind turbine insurance companies
  • Wind turbine blade manufacturers
  • Wind turbine Investors