UAV Drones with Thermal Technology

Longstaff Media drones are equipped with Flir thermal imaging and zoom capabilities, weather sealed for any environment. UAV Drone - Offshore, Coastal and Land Search and Rescue

Longstaff Media Search and Rescue drones are designed for use by emergency services, police firefighters and mountain rescue, ideal for searching vast areas looking for missing persons in need of rescue.

Our systems are designed to be used in a wide range of environments - snow, rain, fog and extreme heat.

Alleviate the risk to personnel with high-tech thermal cameras, long range drones searching dense overgrown vegetation, dangerous coastal paths or natural disaster locations.

Day or night, having aerial surveillance in the sky with zoom cameras - thermal and Flir in a matter of minutes making inaccessible areas easier to search.

Longstaff Media drones can now be attached to ground power stations via 80 meter tether allowing constant flight 24/7.




Longstaff Media run specific drone training courses designed for offshore rescues.

Our cutting edge drone technology allows shore based and boat crews the ability to pinpoint distressed persons in the water and send lifesaving equipment within minutes.

Modified drones can carry industry approved lifesaving buoyancy aids and release them with pinpoint accuracy using on-board cameras.

Longstaff Media drones have the ability to fly 3 miles off-shore with thermal cameras and lifesaving buoyancy aids.  Once on scene, you can release the buoyancy aid and with the onboard thermal camera keep track on the casualty's core temperature.

Longstaff Media drones are all weather sealed and have the ability to fly in rain.  If visibility is poor, Longstaff Media rescue drones have onboard thermal cameras vastly improving search capability.

All our drones have the ability to fly a minimum of 25 minute missions on a single battery pack and with the addition of tethered power our drones have the capability of being airborne 24/7.

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UAV Drone - Offshore & Coastal Rescue

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