Aerial Mapping & Surveying

By quickly accessing hard to reach places, our state of the art UAV drone can provide visual assessments while reducing both time and cost dramatically when compared with traditional techniques.

Commercial Usage

Recent advancements in UAV technology - along with state of the art software, has paved the way for advanced surveying and mapping techniques to allow the production of 2D and 3D mapping by our drones relatively quickly at an affordable rate. 

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Drone Surveys 

Our licensed drone operators are able to survey hard to reach or dangerous places with relative ease. Using advanced drone technology we are able to survey an area in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional methods which would require the use of working structures or large teams of people.

How Can Drone Mapping / Surveying Benefit You

  • Tidal Mapping
  • Drone Mapping of Industrial Areas 
  • Drone Mapping of Flood Areas & Flooding
  • Forestry & Woodland Management
  • Drone Mapping of Coastal Areas 
  • Geophysical Aerial Mapping 
  • Drone Cattle/Animal Locating
  • Drone Civil Engineering Works
  • UAV Environmental Monitoring 
  • UAV Drone Pipeline & Grid Inspections 
  • Drone Traffic Monitoring 
  • UAV Disaster Evaluation   

Survey Speed / Budget

The ability to make efficient use of a budget is one of the most important topics.  When it comes to speed there is no comparison between drone mapping and land surveying. Land surveying requires long man-hours, often carrying heavy equipment and tools between locations.  Instead of days or weeks, UAV drone mapping takes minutes. A traditional ground survey team could require a month to map a hazardous 100 acre site, but a mapping drone can complete the same task in less than half an hour with the same amount of accuracy as you would have on foot at a fraction of the cost.

Why Use Longstaff Media Drone Aerial Mapping

The advantage of using Longstaff Media drone over conventional aircraft and satellite is that the image quality will be much more detailed. A satellite image will probably be accurate to more than a metre while an image from a low altitude 'Longstaff Media mapping drone' will be accurate to less than a centimetre. 

All our maps are GEO referenced and with the use of GCP (Ground Control Points) the maps are created with a high degree of accuracy. UAV aerial done mapping has a number of benefits over traditional data collection methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

1. What Training Do Your Drone Pilots Undertake?

Longstaff Media are a CAA-approved company, with special permission to fly within built-up areas. Our pilots are all BNUC-S qualified, subject to yearly assessment, and collectively hold thousands of hours of flight experience surveying hundreds of buildings and structures throughout the UK.

2. How Long Does It Take?

Set-up on-site is simple, needing only our 2-man team and our UAV, and completely eliminating the costs associated with alternative access. UAV drones dramatically reduce the time required to complete the survey / mapping mission. An experienced, qualified pilot can capture thousands of images in hours.

3. What Tolerances Do Longstaff Media Work To?

We are able to work backwards from this to determine which camera and drone equipment we require. The accuracy of the 'ground control' we need to capture, and the flying height of the UAV during surveying and mapping, enables us to deliver the required tolerances without having to over-engineer the problem, resulting in improved efficiency.

4. How Can You Reduce Costs?

In many cases, we carry out condition surveys to identify defects before they deteriorate to the point where major works are required, thereby informing maintenance schedules and reducing capital expenditure costs.